Nelly Furtado’s Cover Of Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close” Will Amp You Up For Her Sixth Album — LISTEN

On Monday, the pop songstress behind bangers like "Turn Out The Light" and "Maneater" released her first song since 2012: a gorgeous ballad-ified rendition of a hit EDM record. So while we continue to wait for her to-be-released sixth album (it's been four years since she dropped her fifth LP, but back in April, she said number six will be here soon! You know, whatever "soon" means! She also said she's still working on it! And she also said it's not called What Happens In Dallas!), why don't we tuck into Nelly Furtado's acoustic cover of “Feel So Close,” Calvin Harris’s smash from 2012 (h/t MTV). I know, I know. Just what the Internet needs, another acoustic cover of a popular song. But y’all, it’s Nelly Furtado.

"I originally did a live version of this Calvin Harris' cover FEEL SO CLOSE at a radio station in 2012 which was posted on YOUTUBE," the Grammy Award-winning singer wrote on Facebook. "I decided recently to record my own version in the studio and post it exclusively on Spotify so that music fans can enjoy streaming it."

She went on to explain that she picked Spotify because the music streaming service is "artist friendly." She then added that she knows her cover of "Feel So Close" is a popular choice for first dances, so she wanted to drop the recorded version just in time for summer wedding season. Whoa, Nelly! How sweet. You shouldn't have!

Ready to listen to Furtado's distinct vocals soar over the pared-down version of the laser-riddled track (dare I say, like a bird?) (I'm sorry)? Here you go:

Ugh, the perfection is overwhelming. Who has two ears and can't wait to hear Not-What Happens In Dallas? This gal.