Chrissy Teigen Lets Bernie Sanders Supporters Know What's Up In A Fierce Tweet

On Tuesday, on the last day of primaries in the 2016 race, Chrissy Teigen released another golden truth nugget on her Twitter account, letting Bernie Sanders supporters know exactly what she thinks about their options for the presidential race after Sanders' candidacy comes to a likely close. Teigen commented on the fascinating phenomenon of Sanders supporters switching over to the Trump camp in the wake of the final primaries, which all but guaranteed Hillary Clinton as the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party. "If you're a Bernie supporter voting for Trump because Bernie is out, holy shit, I hate you," Teigen tweeted a few hours before the polls closed for the California primary.

In the defense of those Teigen targeted in her tweet, Sanders and Trump are more similar than one might notice on a surface level. The two candidates seem to be complete opposites on the political spectrum, but both are tapping into a vein of anger and anti-establishment resentment in middle class America to fuel their campaigns. The difference, and likely why Teigen advocates not supporting Trump, is that Trump uses coded (and sometimes not so coded) language to espouse the racism, sexism, and classism of an American Dream that doesn't work.

And yes, Clinton is a polarizing character, and it may feel uncomfortable to support her if you were a diehard Bernie fan, but is she really worse than having Trump in the White House? At the very least, Teigen doesn't think so.