This Shih Tzu Who Travels In Remote Control Car Is The King Of The Upper East Side

I’m sorry to break it to you, but Luigi Maestro is officially cooler than the rest of us: The 5-year-old Shih Tzu has a BMW that he uses to cruise around the Upper East Side. New Yorkers have been spotting Luigi chilling in his sweet ride, operated via remote control by his owner, author Anisha Lakhani, since March, when Lakhani gave the miniature Beemer to her pup in honor of his fifth birthday. On his Facebook page, Luigi wrote of the blessed event, “I got a beemer for turning 5 which is what happens if you are a good boy and a Luigi and get into St. David's for kindergarten.” (That’s right, his Facebook page. Luigi Maestro is also active on Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr, because of course.) (This has me side-eyeing my own dog. Penelope, why aren’t you doing more to cultivate your social media presence?)

Photos and videos from across social media show Luigi exploring the Upper East Side in his luxury convertible, sometimes with his “brother,” fellow Shih Tzu Harold Moscowitz, in tow. He’s even become something of a celebrity, showing up in the New York Post and on the news.

Can you handle this level of cool?

He's into shopping:

And hanging out in the park:

And posing for photographers:

And getting mobbed by fans:

And at night, the party's just getting started.

Fine sir, you are everyone's #lifegoals right now.

Images: Anisha Lakhani/Instagram (6)