Here's How To Apply Eye Makeup If You Have Monolids— VIDEO

We each have our own personal struggles with applying makeup—whether your mascara is conspiring against you (a.k.a. decides to clump, smudge, or smear), or you leave your house to find out that your bathroom lighting was, er, more than deceiving (when did I become orange?). And sometimes, we simply have trouble finding the right application technique.

Figuring out which eye makeup application method works best for you can be especially tricky, since all eyes are shaped slightly differently. For example, people whose eyelids cover the inner corners of their eyes, creating a "crease-less" effect (also known as monolids), may have a difficult time finding the best way to execute some classic makeup looks.

Instead of searching the web for how-to tutorials, we decided to enlist the help of an expert to create one tailored to this type of eye shape. Lijah Stewart, Make Up For Ever's Director of Education and Artistry came to our studio and showed one of our fellow editors an easy way to create a coveted cat and smoky eye.

Keep in mind that every person is different. Use this video as a guide, and play around until you find a method that works for you! Check out the entire step-by-step below, and don't forget to subscribe to Bustle on Youtube for more beauty tips and tricks.

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Makeup: Lijah Stewart