Bethenny Avoids Sonja On 'Real Housewives Of New York' & It's For Good Reason

Watching this season (and I guess every other season) of Real Housewives Of New York, I can’t decide if Sonja Morgan is willfully ignorant or just blissfully in the clouds. She really stepped on Bethenny’s toes in recent weeks with the debut of Sonja’s new prosecco line, dubbed Tipsy Girl. A little too close for Skinnygirl comfort? I think so, and so does Bethenny, who has mentored Sonja for years only to have her basically copy her proprietary idea. Sonja had an opportunity to apologize or at least smooth things over with Bethenny, but Bethenny left before Sonja could say a word. Maybe next time?

After Sonja announced her plans, she had a meeting with Bethenny where Bethenny basically told her that Sonja copied her and that she didn’t want anything to do with her again. Sonja defended herself, and then she cried, probably thinking it would garner her some sympathy (I can’t say it did). When all of the other women on Real Housewives Of New York encouraged Sonja to right things with Bethenny, she just pushed them away. At Ramona’s holiday party, Sonja arrived late and Bethenny ran out so fast there was a Bethenny-shaped hole in the door. Maybe next time, Sonj?


I can’t say I disagree with Bethenny for this one. When you take a person under your wing and they basically try and take a piece of the pie you’ve worked so hard to create, it’s hard to let that person back in. Sonja legitimately doesn’t think she did anything wrong, so how could Bethenny make her see the error of her ways? Sonja, as delightful as she usually is, grabs onto the next idea she thinks will make her successful instead of building a brand from the ground up. Bethenny can’t be around that — someone thinking that that hard, grinding work is easy — and I completely understand why she escaped the party.

Images: Dave Kotinsky/Bravo; Giphy