Saudi Princess Charged With Human Trafficking In CA

In what sounds like a sick spin on a Disney movie, a Saudi princess was charged with human trafficking in California on Wednesday.

The charges were brought after a Kenyan woman stopped a passing bus in Orange County and insisted she'd been kept against her will for months, leading authorities to investigate Meshael Alayban, the wife of a Saudi prince. Police found four other workers in Alayban's Orange County home, but are yet to press charges in their cases.

Though details are sketchy at present, we know that the unnamed servant was allegedly forced to work sixteen-hour days, seven days a week. She'd originally been commissioned to Alayban's home to help with her daughter's medical care, but alleges that Alayban then took away her passport and documents—and forced her to work for minimal pay.

Alayban's attorney denies all charges, and said that her workers were paid in full and allowed to leave at any time. The state of California, however, thinks differently. "The law of our nation and California does not tolerate people who deprive or violate the liberty of another and obtain forced labor or services," District Attorney Tony Rackauckas announced in response to the charges.