Grint Weighs In On Ron & Hermione Scandal

In early February, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling announced that Ron and Hermione would not have worked out as a married couple. Everyone who heard this news was either like, "Shut up! They soooo would have" or "She's right. Who would choose Ron over an intriguing stud muffin like Harry Potter?" or "Ugh. Why is she saying this? The books are already written!" Basically, everyone had thoughts on the matter and that is not only the case for fans of the series. Rupert Grint has an opinion on Ron and Hermione too and it's the right one — I mean... It's not in line with Rowling's thoughts.

Grint was interviewed after he won Best Newcomer at the WhatsOnStage Awards for his work in the play Mojo. Grint was asked about whether or not he's enjoying his time on stage and if being in a play is different than he expected. He says that it's "hard work" and "exhausting" and adds, "I never could imagine myself doing it, but now I'm kind of addicted. It's amazing."

At the end of the interview the reporter says he "has to ask" (aka wants to know for his own well-being) about Rowling's recent comments and Grint immediately knows what he's talking about. Grint says, "I remember being a bit doubtful about it early on... I think it's just me apprehensive about any romantic scenes in the future." Whew! What a relief! He goes on to say, "I think it makes sense. I've always believed it. But I don't know. We'll never know unless they remake it."

Woohoo! Ron is team Ron! I'm gonna go with Grint knows Ron better than Rowling — the book's author who was extremely detailed about plots and characters — and call it a day.