Kim K Just Wore The Coolest 'TLOP' Merch

Being the wife of Pablo certainly has it’s advantages, and she just keeps on proving it. Kim Kardashian just wore a Pablo one-piece because clearly, she gets all of the cool merchandise. Not only is she the one to break the news about the latest Yeezy sneakers to drop, but she also gets to debut cool TLOP clothing. It pays to be in Kanye West’s inner circle.

She posted a photo of a seaside view with the caption “Island Vibes” to Instagram earlier, and now, she’s showing off the coolest piece of summer wear, too. And let me tell you, when vacation vibes and “I feel like Pablo” feels come together, it’s an incredible combo.

Kardashian’s high-cut white one-piece has “Pablo” printed across the front. It also happens to perfectly show off her curves because West and Kardashian have some pretty strong opinions about how clothes should fit. And they’ve really gotten it just right with this.

Check out her West-approved piece for yourself. Then see a few other times that she’s worn Yeezy just right. Trust me, this duo knows a thing or two about marketing, and nobody sells this brand better. West can dream up designs, but as far as I’m concerned, he can leave the advertising to his wife.

Has she got the coolest summer style or what?

Her magazine shoot wearing Yeezy Season 3 was perfection.

Why go light on the embellishment when creating a West-approved jacket, you know?

With her hubby's help, she does athleisure just right.

And one of the best parts of her job to rep West gear is getting all of the amazing footwear!

Jealous much? I think we all should be

Image: kimkardashian/Instagram (1)