Barbara Streisand Dresses Like 'Hamilton' At The 2016 Tonys, Which Was Perfect For The Musical's Big Night

This year's Tony Awards are so exciting for so many reasons. One word: Hamilton (you know, the brilliant Broadway show primed for a Sunday night sweep). Need more? OK then, two words: Barbara Streisand. That's right — the legendary Barbara Streisand presented Hamilton with the Best Musical Tony and she certainly dressed for the occasion. Though it may not have been intentional, Stresiand's Tonys outfit looked like a Hamilton costume, and the star even joked about the connection on stage. Of course, that's not what made her time on stage so important. This appearance at the Tonys is her first since 1970, when she was awarded an honorary Tony for being the Star of the Decade. Forty-six years later, she finally returned to the stage to a standing ovation.

Streisand came on stage in what looked like she raided the costume closet at Hamilton before arriving at the Tonys. But that's not a criticism — it's Babs, she can dress however she wants. She opened her remarks with a salute to the Orlando night club shootings and when she announced that Hamilton won the award for Best Musical, she made reference to her outfit. "I'm glad I dressed the part," she said, right before reading the musical's name as the winner. And fans were just happy to see Streisand return to the Tony Award stage after 46 years away.

Streisand's accomplished career began on Broadway, where she starred in Funny Girl and I Can Get It For You Wholesale. She was nominated for Tony awards for both shows, but did not win either award. When Funny Girl was adapted into a film in 1968, Streisand won the Best Actress Oscar for reprising her Broadway role as Fanny Brice. She has also been honored with many, many Emmys, Grammys, and Oscars. But she hadn't been back to the Tonys since her Star of the Decade award — until Sunday night.

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