7 Easy Shaving Tips

Shaving is a standard part of my everyday routine. I wake up, brush my teeth, make a cup of coffee, shave, make another cup of coffee, and go about my day. And even though I've been shaving since the sixth grade, I've made a few shaving mistakes along the way –– not changing my razors frequently enough, skipping the shaving cream, and not moisturizing, to name a few. It's safe to say I could definitely benefit from a few shaving tips. (Isn't there always room for improvement?) And that got me thinking –– I must not be the only one who could use a shaving refresher course. After all, who doesn't want brighter, smoother skin right in time for summer activities?

So with bikini season (and short-shorts, breezy dresses, and tight tanks) in full force, I decided it was time to treat my skin with a little more TLC. In partnership with BIC Soleil Shine, here is a foolproof shaving guide that'll leave your skin silky and smooth. Consider it our take on Shaving 101.

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This post is sponsored by BIC Soleil Shine.