This Guy Took 'Breaking Bad' Too Seriously

What a time to be alive. Remember that super critically acclaimed show Breaking Bad? About a meth cook? Well guess what! It's real! Actually, that's misleading: It's not so much real as it was a hit with the actual meth cooks the world over. Like the meth cook who got busted wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos shirt.

For those unfamiliar, Los Pollos Hermanos was a fictional chain restaurant in Breaking Bad founded and run by meth kingpin Gus Fring. Among the icons of the show, it's almost as iconic as that (spoiler alert) scene where Gus Fring's missing half his face.

That iconography has most definitely trickled down to the real-life meth cooks of the world, as evidenced by the arrest of one Daniel Kowalski, arrested Monday for cooking crystal meth.

By far my favorite part of this story, though, is how amused the cops and administrators responsible for his arrest and booking must have been to immediately spread around that they got a guy who took the AMC series to a whole new level. You can see the shirt and man in question here. It's just kind of poetic, really. It's like when I wrote about that Friday Night Lights Tim Riggins poetry last week: Art begets art, and I guess meth begets meth?

Image: AMC