This Video Of 'Big Brother 18's Jozea Flores Doing Make-Up Reveals A lot About His Personality — VIDEO

If you're a Big Brother fan and a fan of soothing makeup tutorial videos, you're in luck, because Jozea Flores, a houseguest on Big Brother 18, has got it all for you. On Tuesday the cast list for the CBS show was released, and Flores, 25, was among the contestants. A celebrity make-up artist from Los Angeles, Flores unfortunately only has one video up online of a makeup tutorial. And that is a shame, because he is so adorable to watch. The video is about half an hour long and it features Flores on an episode of the web series "Beauty Beat with Chavis Aaron," from the Vision Network, Inc. Flores has such a natural presence on-screen that it's no surprise that he was cast for Big Brother.

You also learn a little bit about Jozea; he was a makeup artist at Dior, and worked with Charlize Theron on the now iconic Ja'dore Dior campaign. When asked by his model how he got into the beauty industry, Jozea revealed that his father was an artist and encouraged him to draw, but he "got tired of paper," so started using women and men's faces as his new canvas. That's where his passion stuck.

He's been doing makeup professionally for about six years, and has accomplished a lot for being so young. He's definitely going to bring that intensity and drive to the Big Brother house.

Vision Network, Inc. on YouTube

He's also pretty intense, talking about making a one to one connection with his client. As someone who is shy of eye contact, I don't know how I would feel about that, but I appreciate his commitment to making people feel relaxed, comfortable, and beautiful. Also, he loves to say serene. Serenity Now.

Hopefully Jozea will post more tutorials soon, but at least his personality will shine on Big Brother 18.

Image: CBS