This Oscar Video Is Perfection Personified

After making the world want to become their BFFs with their bubbly commentary on Olympic figure skating in Sochi, Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir will host Oscar red carpet coverage for Access Hollywood. Their sassy commentary already made the besties on ice perfect for the job, but what everyone really wants to know is: will there be matching red carpet ensembles?

Well, we got a little taste of their outfits for the big night over on Weir and Lipinski's joint Instagram account, where they posted a video asking "We are ready for the Oscars but are you ready for us?!" The answer is no. No, we are not ready, because the Oscars are still three days away and they are already doing the most.

Weir and Lipinski immediately strut out in huge, fluffy gowns, Lipinski's a tasteful nude and Weir's a fiery red. And of course, they're wearing matching sparkly headbands. Weir then dramatically drops the hem of his gown, showing off the feathery skirt Vanna White-style. Lipinski notes, "It's our tulle moment... and he's loving it." Obviously.

They may not repeat the "tulle moment" for the Oscars, but here's hoping that Weir steps out in another ball gown, if only because he does a dramatic ball gown reveal the way it was meant to be done. Either way, the duo is certainly cooking up a matching ensemble even more fabulous than this one, and we can't wait to see the results.