Your Smartphone is Giving You Wrinkles

If you've noticed a few new lines on your chin and neck recently, technology might be to blame. That's right, your smartphone addiction is giving you wrinkles. There are plenty of great reasons to take a break from your iPhone every once in awhile, but premature aging just may be the most compelling.

The epidemic is called "Techneck," after the distinct wrinkle that forms around the neck as a result of constantly gazing downward at the phone. Techneck comes from "the modern day compulsion to always be checking handheld devices and computers," according to The Daily Mail. Smartphones are ruining our relationships, our health, and our appearance. Dean Nathanson, managing director of CACI (a team of experts in non-surgical face-lifts), told Mail:

We've identified a correlation between the rise of technology in recent years and the growth of the 'Techneck', so while there is little chance of the nation giving up technology, at least we can help people reduce wrinkles and keep their chin up!

"Techneck" might be a silly term, but that's some pretty compelling evidence to encourage moderation surrounding technology use. While CACI and other similar outlets would probably prefer we use their services to help combat the effects of Techneck, the issue seems preventable. The solution? Spend more time looking up. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to stare out the window for awhile. I suggest you do the same. Your neck will thank me later.