The Game Says He Dated Kim Kardashian & Based On His Description, She's Better Off With Kanyemmmt

Either the Kardashians are trying out a new way of getting the tabloids of their backs or the man Khloe Kardashian is rumored to be dating really did once date her sister. The Game claimed he dated Kim Kardashian on BBC Radio's Charlie Sloth show on Tuesday. Stories that the rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, is dating Khloe Kardashian have been around since before Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar Odom. Earlier this month, Khloe and The Game were seen dancing at a club which ignited the rumors again.

Sloth asked The Game about his relationship with Khloe and he responded, "Those are just rumors, man. It's funny, man, cause me and Khloe, we cool... I been knowing Khloe for 12 years. I went and dated Kim for a little while, a little short while." The Game quickly clarifies that this happened a long time ago.

Sloth asked, "Was it like adult wrestling or just adult cuddles?" Um... okay, if you must phrase it that way... The Game answered, "You know what it was? We just went to McDonald's twice. Pulled up in the drive-thru."

According to Us Weekly, a source close to Kim has confirmed this saying, "Yes, Kim dated The Game years ago. Khloe introduced them in 2006. They've known him for years. That’s why the whole family laughs at the dating rumors about The Game and Khloe."

So... either The Game is dating Khloe and this was a ploy to take the attention off of their relationship because, duh, they can't be dating if he once dated her sister. Or, The Game made it up and the "source close to Kim" is also The Game. Or! Kim and The Game really did have a couple of dates back in the day and he and Khloe really are friends as proven by the fact that Kris Jenner went to the club with them.

Either way, Kim definitely made a step up with Kanye West. At least he takes her to Wendy's.