Harry Styles' New Heart Tattoo Is Just Chock Full of Vibrant Innuendo

Another day, another tattoo for this One Directioner. After a string of relationships and break ups in the past year, Harry Styles has tattooed a human heart on his forearm — so now he can literally wear his heart on his sleeve. Permanently. This isn't the first tattoo for the Midnight Memories singer, Styles has inked himself at least 40 times (well, I guess make that 41) and the rest of his crew have body art, as well. It's the timing of this particular tattoo that has me just wondering — why a human heart?

Styles debuted the anatomically correct tattoo in L.A. on Wednesday, a mere two days after his kind-of relationship with Kendall Jenner was officially labelled over. The British pop star has quite the romantic record (he dated nine women in 2013) and according to ex-Taylor Swift, he's trouble, trouble, trouble. So we wouldn't think that he'd be feeling sad over breaking up with a girl that he was never officially dating — even if it is up-and-coming supermodel Jenner. But maybe she got under his skin or rather, on his skin? We've got some theories about why Styles might have chosen to ink a literal heart on his sleeve after his whirlwind year of love. But first, here's the new ink:

Seriously, Harry, you would.

Theory 1: Kendall Jenner

Styles and Jenner never actually dated — well, they never officially announced that they were dating. But, we'll just assume that they were because you don't just fly across an entire continent to "hang out." (Well, maybe if you're international stars you do, but whatever.) Either way, they're officially "over" as of three days ago and sometime in between that revelation and now, Styles got his new ink. So maybe he's really broken up about Jenner, maybe he wrote her a song to tell her that he loved her and she was all like, "Sorry, Harry, but I'm going to be the world's next top model and I ain't got time for this." And after he wiped away his tears, he decided that he'd tattoo his heart on his sleeve as a constant reminder to never expose himself to female rejection ever again.

Theory 2: Cara Delevingne

Delevingne revealed her relationship with actress Michelle Rodriguez last week and we can't imagine that Styles, who still hangs around with his former flame occasion, was thrilled. Well, maybe he was, but at the bottom of his heart he was sad that he'd never, ever, ever get back together with Cara Delevingne. And we'd totally understand that — because she's awesome and is taking over the world with her epic brows. So, maybe Harry Styles got his heart tattoo because he'll never be able to give his heart to any woman unless her name is Cara Delevingne and he's so disappointed that he missed his chance with her.

Theory 3: He Dissected A Human Heart Online

And he thought it was really cool. Like, so cool that it deserved a special, highly visible, spot on his body cool. But really, there isn't a person alive that thinks virtual dissections aren't cool. Can't you see Harry Styles sitting by his computer, virtually dissecting human hearts? He looks like a guy that would like science. Maybe he had a life-changing experience while exploring the human heart and it drove him to immediately head over to a tattoo shop to get a tattoo of the life-giving organ. I mean, hearts are cool and they keep people alive — that's definitely a reason to have it immortalized on your skin for all of eternity.

Surprised that we didn't mention Taylor Swift? They might be hanging out again, but there's no way Harry Styles wants to be reminded that "I Knew You Were Trouble" was about him every time he puts on a shirt.