SMG Is Your Bubbly Aunt On 'Conan'

Breaking news: In the years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar has turned into your bubbly aunt, or that super nice soccer mom who lives on your block and drags you over every time she sees you to tell you all about her latest adventure in Home Depot. It's really rather cute, and Gellar showcased this transformation in her recent appearance on Conan .

Gellar showed up to talk to Conan O'Brien to promote her show The Crazy Ones (which you should watch, by the way, if you like ensemble sitcoms, Robin Williams, and/or the overwhelming beauty/charm that is James Wolk), and she regaled the world with tales of doggy maxi-mads, hulk-like breastfeeding breasts, and a Candace Bergen sex doll.

It's been over a decade since Buffy ended (I still miss you, boo), but Gellar seems to know how much of her career and lasting public image she has to thank her stake-wielding vampire hunter for — in fact the Buffy community was the focus of her acceptance speech for her Crazy Ones People's Choice Awards a few months back. Still, we'll always love Gellar as long as she keeps tweeting adorable things ("I took the what Whedon character are you - I didn't get Buffy #whatgives") and being adorable with Robin Williams and/or Conan O'Brien. Get your adorable mom-stories on, girl.