Get Ready for 'G.I. Jeff' on 'Community'

Community has set itself apart from the bevy of current TV comedies in many ways, but the most distinct way is easily its love of parody. No other show is capable of producing full episodes that simultaneously mock and pay tribute to Westerns, Law & Order, zombie movies, Apocalypse Now and many, many more. On Thursday it was announced that Community 's next parody will be "G.I. Jeff," so get ready for an animated, even cockier version of Jeff Winger.

Even the biggest fans have to admit that Joel McHale's Jeff can be quite an asshole. But that's another part of the show's unique charm, its characters aren't the traditional, goofy archetypes usually found on a sitcom. From taking his shirt off at the slightest provocation to tricking his friends for personal gain, Jeff often crosses into insufferable territory, but never long enough for you to actually dislike him. "G.I. Jeff" might make that happen.

Just think about it. Jeff would be taking the role of an action figure who is an army hero that tons of boys idolize as kids. He;ll be animated, so he'll have a great, unnaturally built body and though we don't know how Community will incorporate the story, Jeff will probably have to rescue someone. Oh, and this is the first image we have of him in G.I. form.

That's enough to turn Abed into an asshole, so just imagine what it will do to Jeff. Of course that doesn't mean it will be a bad episode. It could end up being one of the show's best, or at least one of its most memorable parodies and definitely worth watching. You'll probably just want to smack Jeff a few times while you watch.

And that's okay, because it's Community. Wanting to smack someone is a common occurrence, just like having an entire episode dedicated to parody.

Image: NBC