16 Of The Most Hydrating Beach Snacks To Bring From Home

Going to the beach can be incredibly draining, which is all the more reason to stock up on hydrating snacks for the beach. The mix of sun and heat and salt can really wear you out. You know that exhausted, dragging feeling you get after a day by the water. You feel like you could seep for 10 years. So when you have plans at night but have a beach outing scheduled during the day, make sure to pick the right foods so that you don't crash once the sun goes down.

Whenever I'm at the beach, I crave foods that don't do much to help my body balance out the heat and dehydration. I crave sweets and salty foods, when my body really would be better off with fruits and veggies that are packed with water. Because of this, I'm always the first person to make night time plans after a beach day and totally flake on them, come 7 p.m. As it turns out, if you play your meal cards right, you can fight your body's urge to call it a night at sundown after a long day in the sun. These are 16 super hydrating foods to pack with you on your next beach day, so that you can have a good day, and an even better summer night:


Water content: 92 percent. Slice up a few pieces and pile them into a tupperware container. This sweet snack is super hydrating.


Water content: 90 percent. Use a mellon scooper and fill up a baggies with a heap on mellon balls. They're easier to eat this way and you can pop them all day.


Water content: 91 percent. This fruit comes in its own container. Keep one cool in your bag and enjoy it early in the day.


Water content: 96 percent. Slice up some cucumbers and drizzle on some lemon juice to taste. Snack on them all day or eat them in a salad.


Water content: 95 percent. Bring some peanut butter with you and dip these bad boys into it for some hydration and energy in the mid-afternoon.


Water content: 94 percent. Don't bother dicing these up and getting tomato juice everywhere. Just wash them and eat them like apples when you're ready.


Water content: 95 percent. Wash and slice and add to a salad or sneak in a smoothie.

Green Peppers

Water content: 92 percent. Slice up a few papers and keep them in a baggy. Pack some hummus for energy and dip away.


Water content: 81 percent. Freeze your grapes overnight and use them as an ice pack in your bag as them come back down to room temperature.


Water content: 92 percent. No explanation needed, these are delicious all on their own.


Water content: 87 percent. Try freezing your raspberries! It creates a different texture and keeps them fresh longer.


Water content: 91 percent. Carrots might not seem hydrating, but they secretly are.


Water content: 92 percent. If beach salads aren't your thing, throw some spinach into a smoothie and bring it with you. Add some apple to hide the taste.


Water content: 87 percent. Make sure you slice ahead of time, because breaking open a pineapple at the beach with your barehands will prove difficult.


Water content: 84 percent. Try slicing your apples ahead of time and drizzling lemon juice over them. It will keep them from browning and add a nice kick of flavor.

Iceburg Lettuce

Water content: 96 percent. Pack a little serving on blue cheese dressing and make your own Iceberg Wedge.

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