The One Britney Spears Film Performance That's Worth Revisiting

On this fine summer afternoon, I would like to take a moment to doff my fedora and pour out a Frappuccino in honor of a certain movie role. A certain Britney Spears movie role. No, it is not her phenomenal turn as Lucy Wagner in Crossroads. And no, it is not her portrayal of a flight attendant in Louis J. Pearlman’s epic motion picture Longshot. And no, it is not her fembot-tastic cameo in Austin Powers in Goldmember. As terrific as all of those performances may be, I must politely ask all three to let another Godney performance shine for a moment: Britney as Donner in the U.S. versions of Robbie the Reindeer in Hooves of Fire and Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of the Lost Tribe.

(Before you yell at me, I do realize those are two separate Godney performances. However, I couldn't possibly pick one Robbie the Reindeer movie over the other, so I lumped 'em together. Please don't be mad at me.)

Hooves of Fire and Legend of the Lost Tribe are the first two installments of the Robbie the Reindeer trilogy, a British holiday special that chronicles the adventures (and misadventures) of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's son. The first flick premiered on BBC One in 1999, and the subsequent chapters hit the small screen in the early '00s. When the three-part claymation made-for-TV holiday movie series made its way to the States, it was eventually redubbed by American actors. And in two of the three redubbed iterations of the movies, Donner the reindeer is voiced by pop music icon Britney Jean Spears.

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Maybe you already knew about this, maybe you didn't. Whatever the case may be, you won't regret drinking in these vids like soda pop (bop-she-bop-she-bop).

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It really isn't my style to recommend flipping on some Christmas movies in the middle of June, but I will happily make an exception today. Why, you ask?

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Because anytime of year is a good time for Brit Brit the reindeer.