Is Chelsea Clinton A 'Sex And The City' Fan? Her Baby Name Choices Could Be A Big Clue

Exciting news on Saturday — Chelsea Clinton has given birth to her second baby with husband Marc Mezvinsky. And perhaps even more exciting is the fact that Clinton has named the baby Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky. On its own, this name wouldn't seem out of the ordinary — however, when you couple this news with the fact that Chelsea Clinton's first child is named Charlotte, it starts to seem like a pattern is developing, as both Aidan and Charlotte are characters in an incredibly popular TV show. So the question of the day is — is Chelsea Clinton a Sex and the City fan? And, if so, what would she name a third child if she had one? I need answers and I need them now.

Clinton announced the birth of her new baby on Twitter, revealing his name in full. Her first child, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, was born in September 2014 and, at the time, the baby's name seemed like the perfect fit, especially as it was so close to her mother's own name. But now that it's been revealed that Chelsea Clinton's baby boy is called Aidan, it's impossible not to wonder if the former-President's daughter had been watching episodes of Sex and the City on repeat while she waited to give birth.

Even Ruby Sparks star Zoe Kazan has noted the coincidence by tweeting, "(chelsea clinton named her kids charlotte & aidan and there is a huge part of me that hopes it is b/c she is a SATC mega-fan)." In a way, it seems unlikely that Clinton would name her children after characters from an HBO show. But hey — Sex and the City is a veritable classic these days, so perhaps this theory isn't so crazy after all?

Hopefully some lucky journalist will broach the baby name subject with Chelsea Clinton in her next interview. The most important question, surely, is whether Clinton plans on having a third child and, if she does, will Sex and the City be the inspiration for that baby too? Carrie Clinton Mezvinsky certainly has a ring to it.