What's Coming To Netflix In July 2016? Get Ready To Spend The Month Glued To The Couch

In nature, there are cycles of life and death. So really, it should come as no surprise to us that Netflix is pretty much the same way. To make way for the new, we must take off the old, and as we say goodbye to old selections, we also say hello to new movies and TV shows coming to Netflix. Losing some of our favorites is bitter, but making new friends is very sweet.

From the original Netflix series to the British detective dramas to the documentaries, Netflix is seriously doing it up next month. Which we can assume is all a part of their secret and most definitely evil plan to couch-lock all of humanity, so we eventually become incapable of moving, and the only ones who can do anything are those whom we pay to find the remote when it falls into the cushions. I'm not incredibly mad about this. Especially not once I saw what's coming. For instance ...

1. Mean Girls (July 1)

MovieStation on YouTube

Somehow, we only had access to the sequel before now. Thankfully, July is about to get so fetch.

2. Between, Season 2 (July 1)

moviemaniacsDE on YouTube

This Canadian sci-fi drama explores what's going wrong in a town where everyone over the age of 21 dies. The heart-pounding intrigue is perfect for those days where all you want to do is hug the air conditioning anyway.

3. Brahman Naman (July 7)

In this Indian throwback comedy set in the '80s, Naman takes his fellow champion college quizzing team members on a trip to Calcutta to win prizes and lose their virginities. It's like the answer to Superbad that we've been waiting for since 2007.

4. Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru (July 15)

Netflix on YouTube

This Netflix documentary follows Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker who became famous for his self-help books Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within, and Awaken the Giant Within. The documentary shows how Robbins spearheads his intensely emotional workshops.

5. BoJack Horseman, Season 3 (July 22)

Netflix on YouTube

When watching BoJack, one might end up wondering, "Why does this cartoon about a horse who is also a man make me feel so many things?" Season 3 of is bound to be just as hilarious/depressing as the first two. It's going to be so cathartic.

6. Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh, Season 1 (July 29)


Sure, this is a children's show based on the Dreamworks movie Home. But this first co-project in the expanded deal between Netflix and Dreamworks makes it seem like the combined human and alien culture they live in might be fun for adults as well as children.

7. Hey Arnold! The Movie (July 1)

Paramount Movies on YouTube

Worth it just to see Arnold and Helga finally kiss, TBH.

8. Stranger Things, Season 1 (July 15)

Netflix on YouTube

Honestly, all they had to say was "Winona Ryder's in something spooky on Netflix" and I would have been down. This drama series, set in Indiana during the '80s, is a story of a little boy who vanishes into thin air, and the town that tries to find him, but in turn stumbles over a bunch of government conspiracies. Sign me up.

9. Marco Polo, Season 2 (July 1)

Netflix on YouTube

The second season of this series about the famed 13th-Century European explorer is coming our way. The series gives history a bit of a Game of Thrones spin, with plenty of power disputes within the Mongol Empire, which also keeps fans happy.

10. Tallulah (July 29)

We Live Film Festivals on YouTube

In this indie from director Sian Heder, which premiered at Sundance in 2016, Ellen Page plays a rootless woman who kidnaps a baby from a bored housewife. It seems like it's going to be one of those movies where you feel that you literally cannot remove your eyes from the screen.

11. Marcella, Season 1 (July 1)

ITV on YouTube

A British crime show with a female lead? Yes, please. Marcella is a former detective whose husband is trying to leave her with her two kids. But that's not her main worry, because she is also back in the game to get to the bottom of an unsolved serial killer case from 11 years before which seems to have become active again.

12. Back To The Future (July 1)

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

If I need to tell you why you have to catch this one, then I am judging you.

With all these great shows, movies, and specials on Netflix, it looks like the way to beat the heat this July is going to be to hide on the couch in the air conditioning. Luckily, the people at Netflix have us covered.

Images: Netflix