6 Tough Experiences That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

Even the strongest relationships experience a few bumps from time to time, but there are certain experiences that can make a relationship stronger, even if they seem hard at first. As Loverly points out in its list below, stressful life occurrences like moving, finding a new job, and even tragedy can bring you closer together with your partner than ever before.

Yes, life throws us a lot of curveballs. And when you are committed to a partner, you will be fielding them together, but there are certain tough experiences that make relationships even stronger — seriously.

It is only natural to worry about how difficult experiences will impact your relationship, but remember to keep in mind that coping with challenges as a couple can also make your relationship stronger than ever. In fact, these bumps in the road can solidify bonds and create an even deeper and clearer flow of communication. So don't fret, something majorly positive can come out of these tough times.

Remember, partnerships are all about compromise and how you both deal with hard situations can affect you as a couple. Here are six experiences that will likely make your relationship way more solid in the long run.

1. Facing a tragedy

The instant shock of losing a loved one or facing an illness in the family can leave you feeling very alone, and having someone supportive by your side is important. While it can take some time for you to figure out how to ask for what you need and for your partner to understand how to best support you, once you’ve found your rhythm, you’ll carry those skills with you throughout your relationship.

2. Moving

From the endless packing to the heavy lifting (to the emotional burden), moving can really take it out of you. And whether you’re moving in together or one of you is relocating to a new apartment or home, you’re bound to butt heads or push each others’ buttons along the way. But ultimately, the experience will help you see that you and your partner can solve challenges creatively and compromise. And isn't that the key to any good relationship?

3. Navigating the holiday season

No matter what your relationship is with your family, bringing someone new into the mix can often create a hurdle (and the holidays only seem to heighten the situation). From choosing who to celebrate with, to spending long periods of time with each others’ nearest and dearest, navigating the holidays will teach you how to better communicate, and how to respect relationships outside of your own.

4. Transitioning to a new job

New commute, new workload, new team… Starting a new job can be stressful and even discouraging, so you’re bound to need some extra love and care. This is prime time to really learn how to support and encourage each other — both of which will come in handy for many years to come.

5. Traveling together

While an impromptu road trip or a trip overseas may sound like all fun and games, remember that travel can add major stress to any relationship. From getting lost to planning the agenda, traveling with someone allows you to see their true colors (for better or for worse). Use the experience to learn how to spend quiet time together (like on that long flight), and how to prioritize each others' interests and needs.

6. Having a fight

It’s OK to fight, if you fight fair! As long as you aren’t hitting below the belt, arguing about something you’re passionate about will help your partner learn what’s most meaningful to you. And surviving a quarrel will prove that you’re both willing to work through the tough stuff to be together.

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