Neeson Channels His Inner Teresa Giudice

Liam Neeson has a new movie coming out Friday, Taken 3 — ahem, Non-Stop, it's called Non-Stop, but Thursday night he switched things up and played a completely different type of role. Liam Neeson reenacted a scene from Real Housewives of New Jersey along with Ethan Hawke on Watch What Happens Live. In a segment called Clubhouse Theater, Andy Cohen informs the actors that they'll be performing a scene from the RHONJ reunion show with Hawke as Caroline Manzo and Neeson as Teresa Giudice. The men put on their wigs and they're ready to go.

At first, Hawke seems a little weary and asks Cohen if he can say "action" to get them going, but after Cohen calls action he immediately gets right into character. While Hawke seems more passionate, Neeson definitely gets the best line with, "Don't point at me. Do not point at me." I think it's a requirement that this is said at least once per season on every Real Housewives series. Another highlight is when Hawke has to say, "I have no botox, I have no fillers, I've never had a facelift" and doesn't quite know where to gesture for these things. Do fillers go in your breasts? I don't think so.

Check out Neeson and Hawke's Real Housewives reenactment for yourself below!