9 Potential Oscar Looks Worthy of Tom Ford

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Tom Ford doesn't really like the Oscars. In fact, he'll only dress one actress per red carpet event, and he doesn't enjoy that process much, either. Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday (I know, I know), where he told Kimmel, “When you are dressing an actress, or even sometimes someone when they are getting married, you are really working with someone and fulfilling their dream, their agent's dream, their husband's dream. They have a preconceived notion of what they want to wear, what they want to look like, how they are marketing this film, and you really making something for them that isn’t particularly creative."

What about the rest of red carpet fashion? Does he at least enjoy looking at it? Not particularly. "What’s worn on the red carpet has nothing to do with what’s going on in temporary fashion," he said to Kimmel. "It’s really a kind of bubble of 1950s Barbie clothes." Ouch, but he's completely right.

Ford's designs are commercial but still artistic, bold and sexy, crisp and striking (remember Gwenyth Paltrow's white dress + cape by Ford?), and always a little bit playful. Here are 9 looks Ford might approve of for Sunday's red carpet. (Barbie should be so lucky.)

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