YouTubers Are Psyched For 'Fantastic Beasts' Too

You're not the only one super-psyched for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to hit theaters at the end of this year: Tyler Oakley is fronting a Fantastic Beasts campaign along with all your other fave YouTubers at VidCon 2016. The official Fantastic Beasts Twitter account announced on Tuesday that there will be a "special" event at VidCon on Wednesday evening, and that it would involve our "favorite creators from around the world." Intriguing, right? Well, the secret's out of the bag now. It's going to be a live Harry Potter Q&A — and we can all watch it live on YouTube at 6pm PT/9pm ET. Amazing!

YouTubers like Tyler Oakley and Ingrid Nilsen have all been promoting the exciting Fantastic Beasts event, and it looks like they've been having an amazing time in the process. I mean, they got to hold actual wands; I can hardly contain my jealousy. The Fantastic Beasts Twitter has unleashed a series of photos of YouTubers posing, Harry Potter style, against a backdrop of 1920s New York — which is where Fantastic Beasts is set. The images are great, but I have to admit, they're just making the wait until November even harder.

There's no word on exactly the role these YouTubers will be playing in the Q&A event, but come Wednesday evening, you know where to find me: glued to my computer screen watching it all unfold.