Why Is C-SPAN Not Airing The Gun Control Sit-In?

Update: C-SPAN tweeted Wednesday: "C-SPAN has no control over the U.S. House TV cameras. Here are some tweets from Members of Congress during sit-in." As of Wednesday afternoon, C-SPAN began airing a Periscope feed of the sit-in from Congressman Scott Peters' office. You can watch it here.

Earlier: On Wednesday, C-SPAN faced scrutiny and criticism for not airing Democrats in the House of Representatives' gun control sit-in. Many wondered online why C-SPAN was not showing dozens of representatives sitting in protest against the lack of gun control response, reported CBS News. Many chanted, "No bill, no break," according to an NBC News report. NBC News' Luke Russert tweeted that the reason C-SPAN was not airing the sit-in was because it "can't broadcast this sit-in because the House has NOT officially gaveled in."

Many took to Twitter to express their anger that C-SPAN was not airing the sit-in. Matt Viser of The Boston Globe tweeted, "The fact that we (the people) cannot view live the drama happening now inside the House of Representatives (the people's house) is absurd." Some representatives have taken it upon themselves to publicize the sit-in, tweeting about it as it's happening. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia tweeted, "We must hold the floor until we get a vote. The time to act is now. #holdthefloor #goodtrouble" along with a Periscope link to watch the sit-in. Rep. John Larson of Connecticut, the state was home to the horrible Sandy Hook elementary shooting, tweeted, "They can turn off the cameras but they can't keep us quiet. #NoMoreSilence. We want a vote on gun reforms."

On Monday, the Senate failed to pass four gun control proposals, prompting Wednesday's protest in the House of Representatives.