Woman Uses Sex Toy To Fix Her Car — VIDEO

Sex toys have so many pleasurable uses: solo fun, partnered play time, and even group shenanigans. Then, there are the less discussed practical uses: vibrators that double as back massagers or glass dildos that make for great decoration. According to a new viral video in which a woman uses a sex toy to fix her car, there is yet one more practical use for silicone insertables, one that can literally save you hundreds of dollars at the auto shop.

In a clip only 30 seconds long that has been viewed over 5,000 times, a woman uses the back end of a baby pink dildo and its monster suction power to pop out dents in the body of her black vehicle. Just stick, pull, and voilà! Good as new. I personally have always been confused by the suction end of certain dildos — are they there so you can stick 'em to your wall and hang coats or make tentacle sculptures across your dinner table? Nope! They are actually for realigning sheet metal, it turns out.

Check out this short and sweet video to bask in the mighty power of the suction-ended dildo.

Images: Unsplash; Willing/YouTube