Jidenna Opens The The 2016 BET Awards Red Carpet & Get Ready To Hear This Performer's Name A Lot

Though there's still some time before the actual award show starts, but the 2016 BET Awards Red Carpet already kicked off with a performance from singer Jidenna. With a mesmerizing stage presence (I should also mention he looked dapper AF in a bold, eye-catching yellow suit), the singer got the crowd hyped and ready for the real deal. For some, this performance might be their first introduction to the singer, but mark my words: You're definitely going to be hearing his name a lot in the near future. Especially because it's already trending on Twitter after that red carpet showstopper.

Donning matching canary-colored pants and vest (complete with a cobalt blue paisley shirt underneath), Jidenna made sure all eyes were on him from the get-go, performing his 2015 hit "Classic Man," as well as a new song that immediately had Twitter super lit. Jidenna, a Grammy Award nominee ("Classic Man" was up for a Best Rap/Sung Collab award at the 2016 Grammys), already prepped the crowd that he was going to be premiering new music tonight by teasing it on Twitter right before the show. And people were absolutely digging the new jam, tweeting their abundant love in droves:

The Nigerian singer, who is signed to Janelle Monae's record label, appeared to be paying tribute to his heritage on the new track — which, as one Twitter user noted, was filled with African-sounding drums. He certainly did his part of getting the crowd pumped for the show, as the entire floor was bouncing and dancing to the singer's performance. Every time the cameras panned over the audience, the crowd was singing at their top of their lungs, looking ready as anything for the actual ceremony. Jidenna knows how to prime a crowd, that's for sure.

Check out a clip of Jidenna performing "Classic Man" at the 2016 BET Awards below.