Is Jay Z At The 2016 BET Awards? Beyonce's Surprise Appearance Was Everything

Let's be real: As soon as she came on stage, Beyoncé's surprise 2016 BET Awards performance of "Freedom" featuring Kendrick Lamar absolutely owned the night. With Queen Bey's presence just radiating throughout the entire venue, it makes sense that fans are wondering if Jay Z is also at the 2016 BET Awards — whether he's set to make a surprise performance of his own or there to support his wife in a public showing of a post-Lemonade united front. After all, the hosts keep hyping all of the surprises they have in store this evening: Could Jay Z be one of them?

Truth be told, if Hova was, in fact, set to perform, he most likely would've come out during Fat Joe and Remy Ma's performance of "All the Way Up," considering he's on the remix (his first song after Lemonade). So the fact that he didn't hop on the track tonight is pretty indicative that we won't be seeing a Jay Z performance at the 2016 BET Awards. And truth be told, the camera has yet to cut away to him in the audience, which means it's also pretty likely that he's not even there at all — unless he's backstage with Bey or something.

Still, let's not read too much into Jay Z's absence — despite the entirety of Lemonade heavily rumored to be about his alleged infidelity, he and Bey seem to be better than ever. Maybe he's at home with Blue Ivy? That's always an option.

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