11 Empowering Feminist Memes You Need Right Now & Every Day

After a tumultuous term which saw the death of one of the court's most outspoken and polarizing justices, the Supreme Court is now effectively on summer vacation. While the Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt ruling is bound to have left some people feeling less than enthusiastic about the state of access to abortion services in the U.S., here are 11 empowering feminist memes you need right now to help kick-start your day.

One of the more frustrating aspects of this case was how far removed the basic facts of the case are from the fundamental question in play: Do American women have the right to access abortion services, or is that just not part of the suite of legal health care options available? Since the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, opponents of abortion access have been trying to steadily diminish access to comprehensive women's healthcare. What makes this particular case so interesting is which laws were put forth to make the case arguments.

By arguing in favor of an incredibly limited reading of local building codes — evidence presented in amicus briefs submitted by Planned Parenthood Federation of America said that, should the lower court's ruling stand, only 10 clinics in the state would meet the revised standards for ambulatory surgical centers — opponents of access to abortion services were basically willing to shut down 75 percent of the current abortion clinics in Texas for having hallways that are a few inches too narrow.

These might not be the feminist victories we were hoping for in 2016, but at the end of the day, change makers and activists can rest easy knowing that they are working hard at work worth doing. Here are 11 empowering feminist memes to remind you of what we're fighting for every day:

So if you're ever feeling like you need a feminist pick-me-up, these 11 memes are sure to do the trick and empower you for the day.