Alicia Keys' Jacket At The BET Awards Was Amazing

Appearing on-stage looking show-stopping is nothing new to the "Girl On Fire" singer, but Alicia Keys' sequined jacket at the 2016 BET Awards was nothing short of dreamy. She had already made a splash on the BETs red carpet sans makeup, only to then tear up the stage in a flurry of sparkle and red. The jacket in question featured a classic bomber silhouette, shoved up to the elbows and left unzipped to show off a lightly sequined body shirt and leather leggings.

While the statement jacket was definitely the star of Keys' look, her accessories helped bring forth her urban-ly feminine style. Performing in wire-shaped cat-eye sunglasses, a navy head wrap, and heavy gold hoops, Keys' performing look was all sorts of retro and street, giving nods to the '50s, '90s, and present day combined.

But her red sequined jacket wasn't the only one to hit the BET stage tonight, hinting at a continuing trend for the evening's awards show. Just as Keys walked off stage (after flipping her keyboard like a BAMF), hip hop artist Jermaine Dupri walked on with Snoop Dog and Birdman wearing — you guessed it — a red sequined jacket. His was just as electric, just as sparkly, and just as punchy as Keys', making me wonder who else might follow suit.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether these stars are showing their penchant for bedazzlement and ornate accents as a tribute to Prince, or are simply having fun with fashion, is a toss up. But one thing is for sure: They look fabulous all around.