'Another Period' Reminds Us Why Fairytales Need A Reality Check — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Though you may have swooned over Cinderella and Prince Charming's romance when you were a kid, today, the prince's relationship with the mice-befriending servant seemed to get serious even faster than a Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift. Sure, it was "true love" and all that, but one could argue that it might have benefited both parties to get to know the other a bit better before slipping on that glass slipper. Comedy Central's hilarious spoof of 1902 society Another Period totally gets the ridiculousness that is those crazy-fast fairytale relationships, and they're here to make sure you know just how insane these quickie romances are by having Lillian and Beatrice attempt to lock down a hubby of their own. In this exclusive clip from Another Period, Lillian and Beatrice set their sights on the new prince in town, and they're just a tad too eager to be his bride despite knowing him for a mere minutes.

Lillian and Beatrice may have the same endgame — to lock down their prince du jour — but they both have very different ways of securing wifey status with their new man. Beatrice, who insists that the Prince is her "one true love," comes to their meeting with a poem in hand. (Fortunately, a lot of things rhyme with Prince Agato.) Lillian, meanwhile, decides that a dance is the proper gift for the royal — but we're not so sure he understands what Lillian is actually doing. This romance may be moving along at fairytale speeds, but for Lillian and Beatrice, there's definitely not a happy ending in sight — just a hilarious one.

Check out the exclusive clip below:

Image: Comedy Central