Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will Attend the Oscars, But Who invited him?

We're not sure who invited him, but apparently the controversial, (former) crack smoking mayor of Toronto Rob Ford will be attending the Oscars. Mayor Rob Ford landed in Los Angeles today and explained that he's looking forward to going to the Academy Awards and that he will also appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Not only did Kimmel invite him on his show, he also apparently chauffered him out of LAX. This makes us go, hmm...

We have a few questions about this:

1. Obviously, who will he be wearing? (de la Renta? Dior? Valentino?!)

2. Is Jimmy Kimmel pulling our leg, AGAIN?! (Probably.)

For real, Jimmy Kimmel is the reason I have trust issues. If he is behind this ingenious prank, I salute him for continually tricking the masses, but if he isn't behind this it is sure going to be interesting to see what kind of nonsense the mayor will pull at the hallowed ceremony. Or, will he commit the greatest mischief of all and be on his best, most respectable behavior? We're all for people reinventing themselves (power to Amanda Bynes), but somehow this whole treadmill running, Oscar prepping, Jimmy Kimmel befriending seems a wee bit fishy to us. What have you got cooking, Kimmel?!