How Shep & Craig's Friendship On 'Southern Charm' Was Changed For The Better

What a bittersweet time of year: After 12 beautiful, bourbon-drenched episodes, the third season of Southern Charm is almost over. But before my beloved Charmers of Charleston leave me once again, I will revel in the majesty that is the two-part SC reunion. A lot happened during the first part of the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion (Andy Cohen joked that Cameran's camera-shy husband would joining them! Landon and Kathryn yelled at each other a bunch! Craig referred to himself in third person!), but few things stuck with me quite like Shep's anecdote about a night in jail. Why? Because it was the night that inspired him to be a little less hard on costar Craig, that is why.

As fans may remember, last season was lousy with gnarly fights between Shep and Craig (g'bless that iconic dating auction debacle). Fights that would most certainly send a chill down the spine of Team Inclusion. However, sometime before the third season started filming, something changed in our sweet Shepard. Here's the tale he told at the Season 3 reunion:

"I was in San Francisco playing Wiffle ball on mushrooms, and we had to go do a beer run, and I jump in the car with a friend, and we’re speeding down and this cop Maglites us … And I go, ‘I don’t know anything, I’m from South Carolina, I don’t know where I am, I don’t know where I’m going.’ They took me to jail. So I’m sitting there watching The Price is Right … And this clerk walks by and says, ‘Does Craig know you’re in here?’ And I said, ‘No but I’m sure he’d be quite pleased to know I’m in here.’ And she said, ‘You be nice to him.’"

And, from that moment on, Shep's days of picking on Craig were a thing of the past. Well, for the most part, that is. I have to wonder how that clerk felt about Shep ringing a dinner bell to shut Craig up at Patricia's pig-themed dinner party.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo