Jonah Hill & More Oscar Nominees Who Brought Their Family As Dates

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The Oscars red carpet is always such a mixed bag of fashion, A-list rivalries, celeb BFF banter and super hot dates. Sure, most of us are watching to keep track of whatever truth-bomb will fall from Jennifer Lawrence's mouth...however, my personal favorite red carpet moments are when Hollywood elite take a moment to let the stars of their lives shine. That's right folks, I'm talking about the celebs who bring their families to the Oscars. Because A. I'm a huge sap and B. It's just really delightful to see how normal celebrity moms, dads, kids, brothers and sisters actually seem (Jolie/Voigt clan excluded).

And as much as I could listen to Ryan Gosling go on and on about how awesome his mom is for this red carpet into eternity...let's enjoy these lovely list of nominees for The Oscars Best Family on the Red Carpet.

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