Is Deputy Sykes Terrorizing Camp Stillwater? He May Want Some 'Dead Of Summer' Revenge

If there’s anything that I’ve learned from FreeForm (and ABC Family before that), it’s that small-town cops/deputies/sheriffs are not to be trusted. I mean, Pretty Little Liars is still cashing in on the fact that Officer Wilden was a crazy person who Charlotte had to kill to keep on living her life. And have we forgotten about Garrett Reynolds? That’s why I have not one iota of trust in Deputy Garrett Sykes of Dead Of Summer. I think that Deputy Sykes is terrorizing Camp Stillwater on Dead Of Summer , and he certainly has the means to do it.

When the body of Dave, Camp Stillwater’s gardener/handyman, was found in the lake, Deputy Sykes was there, ready to investigate anything crazy that should be happening, for example, if there was a crazy murderer running free nearby. He told Amy, the new girl, a story about being a townie and the sheriff’s son so he got to go to camp for free. When his father was killed in the line of duty, he didn’t get to go to camp for free anymore, which, they couldn’t just give the kid a few more summers after his dad laid his life out? Anyway, Deputy Sykes was doing a whole lot of snooping around Camp Stillwater after hours, and he was with Amy when Dave’s house caught on fire — coincidence? I think not?


The first way to get people to think you’re not involved in a crime is to have the crime happen to you. Deputy Sykes could still be mad at the camp for not letting him attend after his father died, so he wants to make sure that no one can attend the camp. Maybe he killed Dave so that Camp Stillwater would get shut down. Maybe Dave was mean to him while he was at camp. Maybe he gutted that deer to scare the counselors. All I’m saying is that I don’t believe for one second that Deputy Sykes doesn’t know what’s going on, and he can’t flash that pretty smile of his to make me forget it.

Images: Katie Yu/FreeForm; Giphy