Pharrell Williams Sings About Books On 'Sesame Street', And His Song Will Be Stuck In Your Head All Day

In an episode that must be brought to you by the letter B, Pharrell Williams sings about books with Elmo and Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. Just like Williams' award-winning "Happy," "B Is for Book" will be stuck in your head indefinitely after you hear it.

Having Pharrell Williams sing a song about books is the latest lauded development since Sesame Street moved to HBO from PBS. The now-HBO show has received alternating streams of applause and criticism, both for continuing Sesame Street's original mission by increasing diversity, and for gentrifying a beloved, important, gritty neighborhood.

Williams' performance is just one of Sesame Street 's literary moments. Previous bookish skits have included a Game of Thrones parody, titled "Game of Chairs," and Les Mousserables, which starred Cookie as Jean Bon-Bon.

The short Sesame Street clip below begins with Williams and Elmo sitting on a stoop, reading a book about international landmarks. Cookie approaches — just try to tell me you don't want to greet everyone with "Hi, Pharrell Williams!" after this — and questions Williams' statement that he and Elmo are "traveling around the world." Cookie's disbelief prompts Williams to break into "B Is for Book," which praises the travel opportunities that reading offers the imaginative.

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Image: Sesame Street/YouTube