Tyler Perry Presents At The Oscars, Twitter Jokes Ensue

Tyler Perry's movies tend to be promoted with the phrase "Tyler Perry Presents..." leading into the title. And by tend to, I mean always. Tyler Perry Presents Madea's Family Reunion. Tyler Perry Presents Why Did I Get Married Too. Tyler Perry Presents Madea Doing Something Else. This is why, when Tyler Perry literally presented at the Oscars, Twitter went wild with Tyler Perry Presents Tyler Perry Presenting jokes. He was really just asking for it.

Perry was there to introduce three of the nominees for Best Picture — Her, Gravity, and Nebraska. This is exactly what he did and he did a fine job reading the teleprompter and all that, so he probably thought he was in the clear. "There will be no need to make fun of me!" Perry probably thought not realizing the obvious. Unfortunately for him — or fortunately if he appreciates how funny this is — Perry set himself up for jokes as soon as he agreed to be a presenter. EVERYONE caught on and made the exact same joke. Arguably, that made it even better.

Hopefully, Perry checked Twitter as soon as he got backstage and found some of the gems below.