London Brexit Protests Memes & Tweets Take A Stand Against The Historic Decision In A Big Way

In the days since the status-quo-altering "Brexit" vote, the United Kingdom has looked less than united. Tensions between the so-called "leave" and "stay" groups have turned into protest, and it's still unclear when, or even if, the U.K. will officially start its exodus from the European Union. On Tuesday, hoards of people crowded the streets of London, showing — and chanting — their support to stay in the EU; this cry was taken all the way from Twitter to Trafalgar Square. These London Brexit protest memes and tweets take a stand against the historic decision in a big way.

On Tuesday, a rally was planned for protestors who opposed last week's vote to leave the EU. Shortly before the rally, however, it was cancelled due to the overwhelming attendance expected in London's Trafalgar Square. Some 50,000 people had expressed interest on social media. In the true spirit of protest, though, the event went on anyway, as crowds of people gathered in the square and in the streets of London to express their disdain for the Brexit. They carried posters, chanted, and displayed the EU flag, which has quickly become a symbol of the so-called "Regrexit" movement.

The pro-EU rally that went on despite cancellation was one of the most overwhelming and organized displays of discontent to come out of London since the game-changing vote. Many voters have said since the referendum that they regretted their vote to leave the EU or that they hoped for a re-vote. It's not clear if they'll get one, but from photos, the protests in Trafalgar Square look compelling enough to warrant a re-vote.

London isn't the only community in the U.K. feeling the regret; Scotland, which largely voted to stay in the EU, has expressed interest in maintaining its ties with the rest of Europe. The discontent throughout the U.K. suggests that uncertainty will dominate the country, at least for next several days.