11 Boris Johnson Brexit Memes You Need To See

These days, it seems like Britain and the United States are competing to see which country can act more like a Saturday Night Live sketch. In a twist straight out of House of Cards (the U.K. version, of course), former London mayor and current member of Parliament Boris Johnson announced he won't be running to succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister. This announcement comes after Cameron's resignation following the Brexit vote last week. The plot has thickened considerably, and social media users, always many steps ahead of media, crafted a ton of hilarious Johnson Brexit memes and jokes about this curious predicament.

Johnson was scheduled to announce that he was running for leadership of his party, the Torys, when his campaign manager reportedly received a call from Michael Gove, another leading Tory, who said he intended to run for the ticket himself. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. It's like an episode of Sherlock with a heavy dose of Game of Thrones.

As if the "cuckoo nest" plan and other headlines surrounding Johnson's dropout weren't enough to tickle your fancy, users on popular social networks like Twitter, Tumblr, and Imgur made light of the serious situation that Britain, and their Conservative party, are currently in. Here are 11 funny memes about the week Johnson has had:

Providing Important Context

TFW you tell your country to leave the EU, and then they do it and it backfires.

When You Immediately Regret Your Decision

Run away and don't make eye contact — that usually works, right?

"Cleanup On Aisle Five"

That's one way to wreak havoc, I mean do what's best for your country.

Taking The "Cuckoo's Nest" Reference To Another Level

Seriously, the running chicken meme has never been more applicable.

I Know What You Did Last Brexit

Horror movie levels of backstabbing going on across the pond.

*Sips Wine Innocuously*

When Kim K is applicable to the guy who turned your country on its head, you know you have issues.

That's What I Call A "Borexit"

Hope they can get the deposit back on the extra-large Boris-shaped ice sculpture.

At Least He Likes To Keep Conservatives Guessing?


Just Let Someone Else Deal With The Mess

Sixty percent of the time, that strategy works every time.

If You Look Busy Enough...

Maybe no one will question your very questionable decisions? But probably not.

When You *Finally* Realize What You've Done

Boy, bye.

While the seriousness of Britain's problems post-Brexit can't be downplayed, humor is a great coping mechanism. That's why there's so many jokes about Donald Trump's toupee, after all.