Coldplay Announces Album Release Date & Debuts New Song That's Just So Them — LISTEN

Three years after, Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay has announced that the release date for their newest album, Ghost Stories, will be May 19. This news comes after Coldplay debuted the song "Midnight" on Feb. 25 in a "surprise release," but really, does that phrase even have meaning in a post Beyoncé 's Beyoncé world? "Midnight" was released along with a music video and has been described a being "moody" and having a Bon Iver-like sound. Along with the album announcement, Coldplay released a second song from the album called "Magic."

Unlike "Midnight," "Magic" sounds very typically Coldplay. There is a pretty heavy and constant beat, but as soon as the piano comes in and joins Chris Martin's singing, there's no doubt that this is Coldplay. The song compares love to magic ("And if you were to ask me/ After all that we've been through/ If I still believe in magic/ Well, yes I do.") which is a pretty simple idea and the song isn't the most spectacular thing you've ever heard, but I will say, it's calming and it's easy to listen to. And if those two things aren't what you look for from Coldplay, then what do you look for?

The band also released the album's track list and judging by the song titles it seems like it will have a mystical theme. It is called Ghost Stories after all.

1. Always In My Head2. Magic3. Ink4. True Love5. Midnight6. Another's Arms7. Oceans8. A Sky Full Of Stars9. O

Pre-order of Ghost Stories is available through iTunes and includes an instant download of "Magic." Coldplay will also be releasing a deluxe version with three bonus songs and which will be available exclusively at Target.

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