Genderbent 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Trailer Is Just As Hilarious, Definitely More Revolutionary

Remember that moment from Sunday's Oscars, when Cate Blanchett won for Best Actress and urged Hollywood to remember that interesting leading roles for women are not only good for the world but that they also make money? We felt that. We whooped and snapped in Z-formation from our seats at home. It resonated. And this gender-swapped Wolf Of Wall Street trailer is making us do the same. It's a nice reminder of just how creatively rewarding it can be to just turn the paradigm on its head.

It's basically the exact Wolf Of Wall Street trailer — dialogue and the dulcet tones of Kanye West and all — but with women in all those roles that men occupied in the film, and men as the ones with, say, all that money taped to their boobs. Considering how penis-heavy Wolf Of Wall Street was, it's an instantly thought-provoking sight. Wolf Of Wall Street's particular use of women of course comes to mind, and brings to mind what Joanne Lipman — who was a Wall Street Reporter rookie during the era in which Wolf was set — said at the time of the movie's release:

Women then were just starting to infiltrate the boys’ clubs of finance and financial journalism — a milestone, though one now remembered mostly for its tragic fashion choices of big hair, giant shoulder pads and sneakers with suits. You won’t see the female point of view represented in The Wolf of Wall Street – where most of the women onscreen are hookers or strippers — or for that matter in any of the other of the major Wall Street films so far.

This trailer is intriguing because just by swapping the men out for women, it brings up that Game Of Thrones discussion, or the Mad Men discussion that I hear multiple times a year from friends exhausted by the typical: If we supposedly have such a well of imagination, why can't we use some of that to imagine a few onscreen depictions of a world in which those long-standing gender paradigms are nonexistent, or switched?

Studies are showing that audiences are looking for something different from what they've been seeing on screens for the past century, and antiheroes are all the rage — what do we gotta do to get a full length version of something like this?

Nicole Donadio on YouTube

Image: Nicole Donadio/Youtube