8 Best Long-Lasting Hair Masks, Oils & Shampoos For Better Hair All Week

It takes me about ten minutes to get ready in the morning. Everyone has their own routine, but for me, I don't like to wear a ton of makeup, and I rarely put heat on my hair. Instead, I use my weekend to employ a few beauty tricks that save me time later on in the week. I've streamlined my work week beauty routine to save morning time (especially where styling my hair is concerned), and the process couldn't be easier.

Countless months living in hostels and sharing a bathroom with 16 other people has taught me that if you really take care of your hair, you won't have to style hair as frequently. It will start to look really healthy and natural with the right products, and the time-saving hair tricks below are a few of my favorite ways to get the routine started.

So this weekend, why not take some time out to pamper yourself and give your hair new life? You can relax with a hair mask on, while catching up on your favorite show, or even have your own at-home smoothing session. Deep clean your hair and prepare to be amazed at how many days you can skip washing your hair (after a good deep clean, I can go three whole days). Whatever your hair woes may be, with a few simple weekend hair treatments, you can cut your time spent getting ready in the morning way down.

1. If You're Battling Heat Damage, Help Your Hair Grow

Interested in longer hair, but cursed by years of flat iron abuse? You can help hair grow faster by taking care of it correctly. After all, your scalp needs to be really healthy to promote healthy hair growth.

PURA D'OR Anti-Hair Shampoo, $35, Amazon

All natural ingredients can help fight hair loss without introducing harmful things into your scalp. A shampoo that uses biotin, pumpkin seed oil, black cumin seed oil, and nettles will promote cell growth and reduce shedding. (Pro Tip: Make sure you leave the shampoo on for at least two minutes, so that it can be fully absorbed.)

2. Chemically Damaged Tips Slowing Down Styling? Strengthen Hair With Almond & Jojoba Oils

Olaplaex Hair Perfector No. 3 Repairing Treatment, $25, Amazon

If you go for chemical treatments at the hair salon, you should be taking care of your hair at home in between visits. Almond oil, jojoba oil, and aloe restore moisture to hair to eliminate breakage that chemical treatments can cause. Use this once a week to allow your hair to become healthier and stronger. Apply to dry, clean hair before you shower. Leave it on for ten minutes, and then shampoo and condition as normal.

3. If Dried-Out Hair Won't Do What You Want, Restore Moisture With Hair Masks

Earth Science Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Masque, $18, Amazon

Deep condition your hair and scalp with a mask. Find one that nourishes dry and damaged hair. If you color your hair frequently, a mask with olive oil and avocado oil is perfect to restore the shine and smoothness that chemicals may damage. The natural proteins will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth, too.

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If your hair is super-fine, you want to look for a restorative mask that won't weigh it down. Gluco active nutrition is perfect for dry and fine hair. After you remove it, your hair will be soft and volume will be restored. One user said, "Oh my gosh...my hair never felt so soft. Expensive, but sooo worth it." So, treat yourself, plus you only need to use a little each time you use the mask, so it will take you some time to run out.

4. Fly-Aways Getting You Down? Give Yourself An At-Home Smoothing Treatment

Bio Ionic Agave Smoothing Treatment System Pagk (Two Applications), $41, Amazon

Save yourself some time and money by giving yourself an at-home smoothing treatment. This treatment is paraben-free and made with agave, which hydrates and smooths hair, while preserving hair color. One user said, "My curls are still there, but in away that is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I 100% recommend this product for those with curly hair that love their curls, but want them to be easier to manage. Just follow the directions and you're good to go!"

5. And For The Final Weekday Time-Saver: Nourish Hair With Argan Oil Treatments

Arian Oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which means that it's very beneficial for hair. Reach for a few different argan oil treatments the next time you want to feel pampered, and to test which methods work best for your hair.

Argan Oil Shampoo, $11, Amazon

Find an argan oil shampoo that will restore damaged hair. This one is especially great because botanical keratin has been added to help manage unruly hair and minimize frizz. If you're afraid of hair being greasy after using it, the oils used in this shampoo (jojoba and argan) will give you shine without an icky, greasy residue. It's very good for those who suffer from dandruff. Plus, it will give you the deep clean that your hair needs every so often.

Art Naturals Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner, $15, Amazon

A leave-in conditioner is one of the best treatments for hair that may be dry and damaged. Vitamins E and B hydrate your scalp and hair. Your hair will be protected from heat damage and UV damage with this all natural leave-in conditioner. Use it at least once a week for best results!

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On those days you choose not to use a leave-in conditioner, reach for hair oil instead. If you're struggling with split ends, this is a really great tool to return moisture to dry strands. This one is lightweight, which means that it won't weigh your hair down. It absorbs quickly and won't leave you with an oily mess. Plus, you only need to use two drops each time, so it will last a long time!

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