Andy Samberg and Bill Hader are Obsessed with 'True Detective,' Just Like Us

Turns out we're not the only ones obsessed with the show. Even celebrities like Andy Samberg and Bill Hader are obsessed with True Detective, and are jonesin' for some spoilers and teases regarding the HBO series' impending finale. During Saturday night's Independent Spirit Awards (crazy to think there was another celebrity-filled, self-congratulating soiree going on in Los Angeles on the same weekend as the Oscars, isn't it?) on IFC, the Saturday Night Live alums strayed into spoiler-clamoring territory when presenting the Best Supporting Female category.

Not that it's all that surprising: after all, one of the series' stars, Matthew McConaughey, was sitting right in front of them. It's like he was asking to be needled about the origins of the Yellow King, whether his Rust Cohle or Woody Harrelson's Marty Hart were involved, if the guy with the scars has something to do with it, or if it's an entirely more nefarious beast altogether — namely, a smoke monster. And so, naturally, ask away they did. "But seriously, McConaughey, who is it? Who's the Yellow King?" Samberg posited.

The duo continued by throwing out a veritable smorgasbord of options: "Is it you, is it Woods? Is it the lawnmower guy from the school? It's OK, you can tell us." Samberg and Hader volleyed back and forth increasingly unlikely options, including "Is it a smoke monster? Please don't let it be a smoke monster, not again. Is it Keyser Söze? Are you all ghosts? Is it Tyler Durden? Are we going to find out you're a star-man? Your character doesn't know much about earth."

Watch the whole thing for yourself and feel the comfort of not being alone in your obsession wash over you: