New 'Orphan Black' Teaser Addresses Alison's Aynsley Issue

We're inching ever-closer to the premiere of Orphan Black 's second season on BBC America, folks. And given the series' penchant for pleasing its incredibly patient Clone Club (a.k.a. fans), they've taken to releasing a brand new, teaser-y clip each day for 8 days on Instagram. I know: totally amazing, right? And Monday's quippy clip proved that the big Alison-based cliffhanger from season one (duh: spoilers, guys) — the fact that she essentially murdered non-monitor that she thought was her monitor, Aynsley — will be addressed.

Which is a very good thing indeed, considering Alison's inaction when Aynsley's scarf got caught in the garbage disposal was one of the more cruel and shocking death scenes on the series. Considering Alison's mental state at the end of last season — and who could blame her, really? — we sincerely hope that her new sisterhood like no other can help her through this newfound clusterfuck. Likely to aid in that affair is the tease's second, and far more pleasant, surprise: Felix (a.k.a. other clone Sarah Manning's foster brother) is back and has come right to Alison's rescue (thank goodness). In addition to the joy that is the Felix/Alison relationship. While we're happy to see that Alison has continued to trust and reach out to Fee, we're a bit worried about how all of this information is going to affect her moving forward. And, oh yeah, there's also that nagging, please-don't-let-it-be-true possibility that Fee is in cahoots with Mrs. S (who we know has stolen Sarah's daughter, Kira, away), meaning this information could also end up hurting her in the end. Aye! So many hypothetical scenarios on this show! We just don't know which one to choose to believe. Except when it comes to Rachel Duncan: we're fairly sure that's one bad clone.

Image: BBC America