Book Suggestions for This Week's Headline Makers

These people made their way into this busy week's headlines—and they must be exhausted. No better time to curl up with a good book, right? Here, let us guide their Amazon purchases:

Janet Napolitano, catch a wave! As the incumbent president of the University of California system, you will totally fit in surf-side. Read Brian Wilson's gnarly autobiography and channel your inner Beach Boy.

Tomato eaters of Argentina, I am so sorry that your government asked you to cut back. Here is a book about mustard, because who really needs lycopene?

Rand Paul, you coy bastard, toying with us about your thoughts of a presidential run! How you tease. Have some conviction, Randy, like The Kid Who Ran For President. Like the 12-year-old candidate, you are totally ill-fit, but he may give you some pointers in appearing likable.