Here's What You Need To Know About Kylie Jenner's "Mane University" Giveaway — PHOTOS

After all of the bad PR @KingKylie has gotten this week (Kylie Cosmetics got a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau for all of the delivery problems the company has had), she is doing something to make it up to her fans: Kylie Jenner is giving away a Mane University beauty retreat in Hawaii.

With the help of her longtime hairstylist/constant Snapchat guest star Jen Atkin, the youngest Jenner is giving one lucky fan the chance to spend the weekend of August 19-21 taking classes with some of the Kardashian Klan's favorite beauty gurus.

The course will be held at Andaz Maui and Wailai resort in Maui (which is worth taking a trip to even without the Kylie approved tutorials), and will feature courses in makeup with Mario Dedivanovic, color with Tracey Cunningham, and hair styling with Scotty Cunh, and of course, Jen Atkin.

Sadly, it's a littttttle bit too good to be true — even if you win the contest, you're on your own for covering the costs of travel, food, and accommodations. So basically, the only thing Jenner is gifting you with is the classes. Still pretty nice of her, but it's a little bit of a tease considering she's a gazillionaire.

Still interested in trying your luck? As long as you are over 18, you can enter the contest via the form on Kylie's App. The deadline to apply is on Friday, July 8th at 4p.m. PT (so 7p.m. E.T.). Sadly, entrants must have already been subscribed to Kylie's app on or before Wednesday, July 6th, so if you're not already a subscriber you aren't eligible to win.

I, for one, am very curious what new tricks the Kardashian's hair and makeup team are going to teach their pupils in Hawaii that haven't already been featured on one of the sister's apps!