Swatches Of The Koko K Kylie Gloss Prove The Collection Is Officially Complete — PHOTOS

There’s no denying that this gal’s lippies kill it. She’s got the perfect mix of classic colors and statement-making hues, but there are definitely certain shades that have become fan favorites. Swatches of the Koko K gloss prove that this gloss really does complete the set.

Jenner’s releasing four new gloss colors on July 15, and they are all based on some of her most well-known lip colors. Koko K, Exposed, Posie K and Candy K will now be available in gloss form because there’s no going wrong with a pink/nude lip from time to time. Even on your most dressed-down of days, these will be a great addition to your look. Just slick one of these muted tones across your lips and you’re ready to go! Glosses just make no makeup makeup all the better, don’t you think? You will def agree once you see these.

Until now, Jenner had released swatches of each of the shades except for Koko K, but now that it’s finally ready to show off, I really do believe the collection is complete. Koko’s a little more pale pink than Exposed, so even the nude shades of this line-up are different from each other. This only further proves that you’re going to need to get your hands on each of these!

Just look at them! They're going to pair so well with their matte counterparts. Koko K is the top swatch, annnd I officially can't wait to get this gloss on my pout.

Koko K Lip Kit, $29, Kylie Cosmetics

If you don't already own the matte version and the liner, might as well make that purchase, too. You know you want to!

Koko K isn't pictured here, but can we just take a minute to appreciate this color palette?

There's cohesion across the entire glosses collection, even including Like, Literally and So Cute, which were released previously.

Wether you go shiny or matte, there's no going wrong with shades this good.

No wonder Jenner decided to make two versions of these. She always knows best, you know?

Image: Kylie Cosmetics (1)