You Have To See Ariel Winter's New Tattoo

If you're going to get a tattoo in a prime spot like right on your back, you definitely want it to be fierce, and Ariel Winter's new tattoo is literally the definition of that. Wait until you see this, because it's so good.

After graduating from high school, the Modern Family star has been making some changes. I mean, new era, new you, so it totally makes sense. She's played with her hair color a bit, which was definitely a big change, but now she's made an even bigger one, adding some new ink to her body. The 18-year-old posted a snap to Instagram showing off her new tattoo on Wednesday, and when I say it's fierce, I literally and actually mean that.

Winter got the tattoo on her back, just below her neck, and it's a seriously realistic tattoo of a tiger head. Honestly, this is some ink art right here. Her location tag was the infamous Shamrock Social Club (you know, where Harry Styles got his ship tattoo), and she captioned it thanking Doctor Woo for the tat. He's many celebrities go-to when it comes to tattoos, so obviously, she was in some good and talented hands with this one.

It's so cool, right? Though this is the first look we're getting at it, she actually teased her fans a few days ago, posting a selfie of her night at the tattoo shop saying that she couldn't wait to share soon.

But since this is hashtagged "tattoos" (plural), there could be more she has to share in the next few days. I can't wait to see!